Virginia Di Mauro

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Virginia Di Mauro

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Virginia Di Mauro

Virginia Di Mauro is a 28year-old italian fashion photographer, based in Genoa and working in Milan.

Curious, impulsive, sometimes illogical, sometimes single-minded, over-thinker, emotional and naive.

Photography to her means:

Inclusivity. Engine of desire. Movement.
Lifeblood. Impulse. That moment when words are not enough.

Being a Libra, she loves aesthetics in all its forms and she chases it in every context.
She loves to sense beauty in unconventional situations, even when the concept of "beauty" is just an imperceptible flaw.
For her, photography is a attempt to read society and people, to tell a story of images.

Her photographic style follows her humoral trend from the inside, so it's very flexible and vulnerable. Anyway, there are some features regularly appearing in her pictures, as the exasperated proportions or, on the contrary, the perfect balance between people and places around. Warm colors, the presence of architecture and lines in combination to human figures are other constant precenses in her works.

She really likes to be inspired by the places where she goes by chance, maybe driving car or simply looking around in her daily routine or during her holidays.

And obviously by music and art in every form.

Above all, her biggest inspiration is the desire to get closer to ambitions, the near certainty of being able to touch them without perhaps never fully get there.

The continuous stimulation is her continuous inspiration. Creating without turning off the engine, ever.

She worked for magazine like L'Officiel, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Donna Moderna, Vogue and other independent realities.