Claudio Braccini

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Claudio Braccini

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Claudio Braccini - photographer & filmmaker

Born in Florence, Claudio Braccini discovers his passion for photography at a very young age, when his very first camera starts capturing the outstanding beauty of Tuscan cities and countryside. During his teenage years he works as a photographer assistant of a well known Florentine artist, improving techniques and skills that will be part of his personal style.

At the age of 18 Claudio moves to Milan and attends the Academy of Fine Arts. He starts developing a deeper interest in cinema and begins filming his first short films and commercials, attracted by the narrative intensity of light. At the same time, he contributes as a photographer assistant to fashion commercials for famous brands.

After having gained experience, especially in fashion industry, and teaching photography for cinema at SAE Institute, nowadays Claudio is a professional Photographer and Filmmaker specialized in fashion, beauty and architectural photography, based in Milan.

His desire of experimenting and his passion for cinema, design and art in all of its forms have been taking him to the support of synergies between artists and experts, with the aim of channelizing the variety of skills and the ways of expression into original creative projects.